DIY Friendly Nautical Themed Flooring for your Home

NautikFlor is great for home settings because of the pristine colors and the ease at which spills can be cleaned off of the waterproof planks. Most residential flooring methods cannot be glued down and don’t deal with water as well. Toys and furniture will not tarnish the boards because the hot coatings fend off abrasions. The ocean can’t be moved into your backyard, but the feel of traversing the seas can be achieved from the nautical look of the flooring.

100% Waterproof
nautical bathroom flooring

NautikFlor will not absorb any water or tarnish. It is also non-slip to allow for marine usage without worry.

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Easy to Install

NautikFlor is one of the simplest, yet versatile products on the market. The boards can be snapped together by hand and either glued down or used as a floating floor. The planks can be cut simply by scoring and snapping, again, by hand.

Environmentally Friendly
fflooring laminate

Besides the beauty, NautikFlor is completely emission free.

It does not give off any of the harmful chemicals that other home products may, keeping your family and the environment safe.

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Lightweight & Durable
boat flooring

NautikFlor planks are perfect for multi-level homes.

Our sound reducer underlay absorbs vibrations to keep the house quiet and also absorb some of the impact from racing feet.

Pet stains can easily be eliminated with a wet wipe!

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